About TSC

We are a specialist and highly experienced digital broadcasting company. We focus on live streaming of professional events such as:

  • Sports
  • Auctions
  • Corporate presentations
  • Adverts
  • Town Halls
  • AGMs
  • E-Learning and professional development
  • Medical procedures
  • Music events

It involves streaming the event to a vast array of devices across the globe in high quality and for those that need it, in ultra low latency.

We are an independent, UK owned company and we invest in our equipment as well as our staff who carry the company ethos of always seeking to exceed client expectation.

Our technology is enterprise grade, from the servers, switches and routers which make up our own highly resilient and scalable CDN, to all our encoding equipment we deploy or bring to site when co-ordinating live streaming.

We look forward to working with you.