Video Streaming Glossary of Terms

Welcome to The Streaming Company’s glossary of common terms found on this site and within the video broadcasting industry. Please check back regularly as we will be expanding this page.


CDN (content delivery network)

The Content Delivery Network, known as a CDN, and is a system of servers acting within a geographic framework that deliver expedited content to a user. Read More.

Corporate Video Production & Streaming

Corporate video streaming is a term used specifically for large businesses and organisations with an infrastructure that uses a video streaming platform to convey information to its employees, existing and potential clients. Read More.

E-Learning & Video Streaming

e-Learning video streaming is all about education, and the ability to connect teachers, lecturers, corporate trainers or other educators with students or employees via a video or audio platform. Read More.

Live encoding

Live encoding is a part of video production or content streaming for live events, and refers to the process of encoding video into multiple streams. Read More.

Live streaming

The term ‘live streaming’ is given to the process of watching a video or listening to music live, in real-time online, rather than downloading a recording. Read More.

Low latency streaming

Low latency streaming is the ideal for live video streaming that requires real-time interaction, such as gaming applications, auctions and sports matches. Read More

Signal Acquisition

The term ‘signal acquisition’, when applied to video streaming, refers to the second stage of the five-stage process of getting a video ‘out there’ and available for viewers to watch. Read More.

Studio production

The term ‘Studio Production’ is given to the process of recording and producing video within a fixed studio environment, as opposed to ‘Field Production'. Read More.

Video Streaming Services

Engaging a dedicated video streaming services provider is ideal for users who have heavy use or for those users who wish to reduce paid TV subscriptions. Read More.

Ultra Low Latency

Ultra low latency is the fastest possible speed and consistency of real-time video streaming, and is strived for during specific types of content viewing. Read More.