Distribution (CDNs)

We continue to invest in our own facilities based in London's Docklands but most importantly maintain an entirely independent and flexible approach to the essential use of CDNs, allowing us to use the most appropriate CDN to fit each events' specific delivery and reporting requirements.

Our media players are already integrated with many CDN platforms and we continue to review other service providers so that we are up to date with latest developments.

A key advantage of having a flexible approach to CDN's is that we recognise and monitor the differences between them. Reporting capabilities, reach and additional services vary significantly and by keeping up to date with this sector, we are better able to match performance and cost to your actual requirements.

One growing requirement is pushing streams to social media platforms - either as a secondary measure, or sometimes exclusively. Call us to discuss the opportunities and restrictions of publishing video to Twitter, Facebook and of course the mighty YouTube.

Our highly scalable streaming solutions cover delivery to PCs, Macs, Mobile smart phones, Tablets and large digital displays.