Mobile Streaming

It's hard to miss the exciting developments in the mobile world. A basic phone has become a portable computer and has an increasing influence on our lives.

Having video or audio on the move allows users to consume video and radio whenever and wherever they want it. This fits in strongly with our busy lives.

We provide live streams and VoD to over 600 mobile devices (phones and tablets) in use today and can just as importantly guide you on how content for mobile devices needs to be designed for the small screen.

The mobile devices we focus on tend to be smart phones, or tablets.

We are able to stream to mobile phones across WiFi connectivity, or across the mobile networks in 3G or 4G, and are of course looking forward to the prospect of 5G. We do caution however that consuming video across mobile networks can be restricted due to the set up of your phone or the contract you have with your service provider. Most importantly, it is vital to note that you may be charged for streaming or downloads over the mobile networks.

Our advice where possible is to view streams via WiFi - that way you get the streams at the quality that can amaze you, and it is less likely to cost you money. Call us to discuss how you can get your company message or live events onto the mobile devices of your target audience. 

We currently stream to a plethora of phones including iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows etc.



iPad live stream