About us

We are an independently owned, profitable, UK based Live streaming agency.  We help corporates of all sizes broadcast their video or audio, to a huge range of devices, in virtually any part of the globe.

Our strengths cover the many diverse skills required to carry out successful live streaming and include encoding, back haul via fibre, satellie or even bonded cellular, media players, apps, website integration, distribution to social media platforms, monetisation and securitisation. Our chief concern is quality and stability, as we have an enviable record of reliability to uphold since we started streaming 8 years ago.

Our HQ is in London, and our biggest investments are in technology and technical know how. We invest heavily to make sure that we expand our ultra low latency streaming platform (CDN) and keep abreast of most developments in the fast moving sector we thrive in.  During 2017 the platform is being extended to Asia to meet the growing demand for high quality, ultra low latency live streaming