Corporate Video Production & Streaming

Corporate video streaming is a term used specifically for large businesses and organisations with an infrastructure that uses a video streaming platform to convey information to its employees, existing and potential clients.

There are various reasons corporate video streaming may be used within a large-scale business, including (but not limited to):

  • Video conferencing
  • Internal meetings
  • Product demonstrations and launches
  • Employee training
  • Investor reporting
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Live keynote presentations (Town Halls)
  • Executive communications

Today, many corporate businesses operate on an international scale, with personnel, investors and shareholders living and working around the world. The introduction of corporate video streaming has given corporations the opportunity to reach and connect with those associated with the business, wherever they may be.

There are two main types of corporate video streaming that will commonly be used in a business environment – live and pre-recorded. Live video events, such as meetings or conferencing, require different protocols, standards and latency than pre-recorded video, such as an investor report or online training course.

What are the benefits for businesses with corporate video streaming?

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of using corporate video streaming is simply the convenience of being able to reach an audience wherever it may be located. Information can be pre-recorded and accessed on any device when the time is right, or a meeting can be scheduled without the need for physical attendance in a board room or conference facility.


Other benefits may include:

Greater cost-efficiency – large companies with a global reach can make significant cost savings with reduced resources, travel and subsistence expenditure and materials.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many organisations have adopted an environmentally friendly strategy to decrease carbon footprints.  Meeting and training on line can be a core contributor to these policies  

Greater reach – according to research, people are almost 75% more likely to watch a video presentation than read an article.

Training advantages – corporate video streaming for training, also known as eLearning, delivers essential information that can be stored and viewed over. Pass rates are generally higher, and information is applied faster using eLearning techniques.

Using corporate video streaming, businesses are better able to address issues within the business environment, and provide content of all types to deliver everything from critical information to general business news or product announcements.

As the use of corporate video streaming grows, businesses around the world are enjoying greater flexibility and are now able to streamline inter-company communications on an entirely different scale and budget than ever before.