Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services are offered by providers as a platform to access video content via a streaming device, such as:

  • Smart TV
  • Blu-ray players
  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart phones and tablets
  • Dedicated streaming device

Engaging a dedicated video streaming services provider is ideal for users who have heavy use; watching a lot of TV series or movies online, or for those users who wish to reduce or eliminate a paid TV subscription service.

Why would you switch to a video streaming services provider?

It is commonly known that video streaming services are cheaper than pay-per-view or TV subscription services, and the commercial competition between the two is increasing.

In addition, video streaming services deliver more flexibility than traditional viewing, and as the streaming industry grows more popular, and more content and options are added, providers deliver access to content via the use of Smart devices, making access more widely available.

Live video streaming is another benefit that can be harnessed via video streaming services, and depending upon the provider and platform, can often be viewed in real-time with limited buffering.

What kind of content is available?

The sky is the limit when it comes to discussing the types of content available on the best video streaming platforms. It is still thought in some areas of the industry that there is a current shortage of viable video content available for live streaming or download, but there is still a wealth of content available such as, but in no way limited to:

  • Movies
  • TV show box sets and series
  • Music video
  • Sports events – historic and live
  • Online tutorials

Some video streaming services providers specialise in the type of content they make available. There are those that deliver only movies and TV shows – some of the biggest names in the industry offer only TV and movies, which will rotate content, often monthly, to deliver new material. There are also specialist sports platforms, who deliver both historic and live sporting events from around the world.

Most commonly, providers offer a monthly subscription service, for unlimited content, but some will deliver a pay-per-view service, particularly for major sporting events or online courses and tutorials.

As the industry continues to grow at a significant rate, video streaming services providers work hard to keep up, while streaming device manufacturers continue to improve their products to upgrade in line with the latest streaming services and speed increases.