Facebook to Launch Apple, Amazon Fire and Samsung TV Apps

14th May 2017

It has been announced that Facebook will soon (no date yet confirmed) launch new apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung TV, confirming a recent news report that hinted at the creation of connected TV applications, and TV-viewer-targeted programming.

The news has Facebook users on the edge of their seats, offering another method of video viewing, the ability to save videos to watch later on other devices, and the benefit of viewing via TV.

Changes to Facebook video are currently numerous, including audio on mobile devices in news feed, larger previews of vertical videos for iOS AND Android users, and probably the best of all, changes include a feature that allows mobile users to drag minimised videos to the corner of the screen and continue to play them while scrolling through the news feed.

Although Facebook has confirmed the launch of the apps and features, and has broadly suggested that apps for other platforms are being developed, there is no firm date to add to the diary just yet.

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