1st May 2017

There is little doubt that live content streaming is gaining weight online and is fast-becoming embedded into our modern social, online lives, whether we are streaming sports events, concerts or watching a selfie-style news bulletin.

Businesses are moving to embrace the latest platform, to make the most of the almost limitless possibilities and opportunities, as research figures from Parks Associated show that US broadband consumers have streamed live video using an app is 11%, while 13% indicated that they have live-streamed video on a mobile device.

Live streaming via mobile apps is in its early days.’ said Glenn Hower, Senior Analyst at Parks Associates. ‘However, this developing market has already had its first big casualty, as Meerkat, which brought live streaming apps to the consumer market in 2015, exited this space following the success of Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live and YouTube’s announcement of its upcoming live mobile streaming technology.

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