14th Jun 2017

The results of a study, entitled ‘The Future of Digital Video’ has revealed that more than two-thirds of marketers believe they have more success with digital video marketing campaigns on social platforms than on dedicated video ones, such as YouTube, Vevo, Videology and Hulu.

Rusted Media Brands’ study, commissioned by Advertiser Perceptions at the beginning of 2016, approached more than 300 agency and client marketers for insights into how they planned to spend their marketing budgets in the foreseeable future. The results tended towards social platforms with an overwhelming 65% majority of respondents believing that they were the most important, influential partners.

Some of the key observations highlighted by the study included:

Short-form video – the likelihood of the use of micro-video (maximum duration – 5 seconds) is set to increase. 41% of study participants said they would be likely to use it within the next 12 months.

Facebook Live is overtaking YouTube Live in popularity with both agency and marketing respondents.

89% of participants in the study are considering live-stream video marketing within the next 12 months. (almost 20% came back with a definite plan to use live-stream video).

Is Facebook set to ‘overtake’ YouTube?

Facebook continues to create waves in the video streaming and marketing industry, with 40% of respondents believing it should set the standard for the video industry, particularly after its introduction of in-stream video and then Facebook Live, for the future. Some experts confirm their admiration for Facebook initiatives, and believe that it will ‘overtake YouTube as the video advertising platform of choice.’

According to the results of the study, it can be determined that an overwhelming majority of the respondents predict an increase in the use of digital video marketing. This will inevitably translate into a strong rise in video advertising budgets. In an ever-changing, fast-paced industry, it will be interesting to watch the response from dedicated video platforms in the coming months.

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