27th Nov 2017

According to a recent white paper released by Parks Associates, leading market intelligence researchers, there are five trends that have been identified that are set to ‘shape the long-term success’ of the global video market.

Across the video marketing industry, content creation is being consistently monitored by producers who need and want their material to reach as many viewers as possible, and who face the common challenges of this same industry, such as formatting, interoperability and infrastructure, before we even broach the subject of distribution, regulations and more.

The white paper has been released by Parks Associates after conducting a study into how creators of video marketing content are using the medium to reach audiences and what they are including in their content.

Video marketing success in the long-term

The five top trends they identified as being the most likely to develop and lead to long-term success of video marketing are as follows:

  • The ability of the viewer to interact with the content
  • The use of global, IP-based video services
  • The shift of live TV to connected devices
  • An increase in viewer expectations – variety of new content
  • The expected increase in the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play

According to the results of the research, many content creators are already using video apps, IP-based content delivery and live streaming to reach their video marketing audiences, and it has been noted that there is plenty of room for new providers in an industry that is still growing and providing opportunities for the smaller players.

As the industry experiences heavier regulatory control, video marketing professionals are being encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ in terms of ad placement, content and delivery. In a still-relatively-new process, there is much scope for development, and the marketplace need not be limited simply to the biggest players.

It seems that many small-scale video marketing and content creators are experimenting with new and existing technology to enable longevity in a competitive world.


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