11th Dec 2017

A recent study conducted by Adobe Primetime and The Diffusion Group has highlighted some interesting findings about how popular live sports video streaming is, what events are being streamed, and how fans are watching their favourite events.

It appears that NFL football is amongst the most popular live sports video streaming events, watched on a desktop or laptop by more viewers than on another device. 66% of all football ‘streamers’ are watching on a PC rather than a TV for the season.

Next in popularity are the Olympics and NBA basketball, and the most interesting statistic here is that many viewers (49%) watching on desktops and laptops will sometimes have the event streaming in the background while the sound is switched off.

Just 50% of study participants aware of free TV apps for live sports video streaming

The study targeted 2000 American live sports video streaming participants this summer, and revealed fascinating insights into how viewers are watching.

Although younger viewers are far more aware of the availability of the free apps offered as a part of their paid-TV packages, with 60% of the 25-44-year old age group knowing what they are entitled to, overall just 50% of those surveyed knew about them. This is one of the most surprising elements revealed by the study, and shows that although consumers are watching more and more live sports video streaming, they are not necessarily doing it in the way we might expect.

Does this mean that TV Everywhere-type providers are not giving out enough information about the latest free TV apps?

Live sports video streaming is on the up, and fans are driving this popularity in a strong direction, yet TV is slowly but surely diminishing as the most popular medium for viewing. 37% of all study participants use a device other than a TV, and 27% of those are using desktops and laptops as their preferred medium.

Almost half also said that they feel access to live sports is strongly important when making the decision to use a free streaming app or service. With this kind of popularity, it is clear to see that headway will continue to be made in the industry to keep giving viewers the live sports video streaming they want.

The Streaming Company understands the challenges faced in the delivery of live sports video streaming to consumers, but recognises that an increasing appetite for more events is driving growth. With more than 8 years’ experience in the delivery of low latency streaming, and a knowledge of the necessity for quality and minimum delay, we can help, with optimised techniques for real time streaming. Contact us to find out more, and give your viewers a compelling experience in live sports video streaming.

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