30th Oct 2017

One of the most important messages to come out of the recent IBC event was the reiteration of the critical need for broadcasters and content creators to embrace mobile for both video production and viewing. Industry experts are making the push for mobile at the top of the priority list, rather than being distracted by immersive TV.

According to some major broadcasters, not ‘getting into mobile’ will effectively destroy a business as the industry moves forward, yet there are still reservations, such as content piracy concerns, which it is hoped will be waylaid with the introduction of new technology in the short term to address network forensics and watermarking. 50% of responders in a recent survey believe that content piracy issues on mobile platforms will place greater challenges in the way of broadcasters within the next five years.

Although most experts are in agreement regarding the push for mobile, some have added that a lack of competitive funding, even with the biggest broadcasters vs platforms such as Google and Facebook, will mess with the technical capabilities of distribution.

Development of mobile-first tech and services

Some broadcasters are encouraging journalists and content production specialists to use mobile devices to produce content. The consensus seems to be that the push for mobile for broadcasters should be going further than the targeting of mobile phones for viewing only, and should be looking at the bigger picture in terms of both content production and delivery.

An interesting argument comes with the financial implications of content delivery too. Looking at mobile-first solutions, particularly for young people and those on low incomes. Recently, TV executives in Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions recognised the need (and opportunity) to develop low-cost content services to increase the accessibility of consumers who could not necessarily afford a paid subscription service to TV packages. The payment methods were also investigated to develop innovative and new ways for consumers to pay for content who did not have traditional means to subscribe.

This, according to the TV execs, was an area that equalled content production and delivery in importance in this region.

When these challenges are addressed, the solution keeps coming back to mobile for broadcasters. The exploitation of mobile technology is offering consumers not only what they want, exactly when they want it, but is also extending the scope of content creation and adding flexibility at just the right time.

How TSC can help with mobile for broadcasters

TSC specialises in optimising the viewer experience on mobiles and hand-held devices, and have introduced an innovative application to reduce latency and enhance synchronisation across a multi-screen environment.

We understand that some broadcasters have viewers with a high demand for a live video experience, and require super-fast speeds to do so.

Contact us to discuss your requirements today, don’t get left behind in the mobile revolution.


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