20th Nov 2017

According to industry professionals, the biggest changes are happening in Connected TV (CTV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, and those changes are going to shape the future of online video advertising. In a recent couple of panel discussions at the TV of Tomorrow conference, both these technologies were looked at in finer detail.

Industry ‘insiders’ discussed what is going on currently and noted that although young people were the first to take on OTT TV delivery, the older generations are now following them. Although also, mobile is soaring, and the number of households with fewer than 2 TVs is increasing, Connected TV is overtaking mobile, which is said to have ‘plateaued’ by industry experts.

Why has mobile plateaued?

During the conference, it was discussed, and noted that much of the blame for mobile rates is going to poor distribution, and the lack of apps for all platforms – still!

Interest has also waned for SVODs, which despite initial popularity, has dropped off, probably because of the ad-supported channels inability to compete with ad-free platforms, such as Netflix, which is not going anywhere just yet.

Advertisers on CTV are still looking at reach and frequency as the most important metrics, even though there are continuing issues with device labelling, and that additional revenue from advertisers for extra reach are not always reliable.

The explosion of Artificial Intelligence

The panel discussion about AI centred around the fact that hardware and software are enabling better accessibility for ‘ordinary users.’
Big data has also been cited as a catalyst for AI growth, due to the ability to use AI (machine learning) to sort through data quickly and effectively. With this in mind, it is pretty easy to see how AI is going to shape the (near) future of online video advertising.

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