26th Mar 2018

Although it appears that viewers watching online are generally pleased with the viewing quality, there are still significant differences when compared to Pay TV, according to a recent article in Streaming Media, discussing a Ring Digital survey.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the stats:

  • 27% of participants are finding lower quality rates, and a reduced viewing experience watching online live video streams than Pay TV.
  • 38% thought there were no differences.

Another big issue that live video streamers encounter lies within the delivery:

  • 59% of Pay TV viewers experienced no live content issues, compared to 51% of online viewers.
  • 10% of Pay TV viewers experienced delivery issues three times or more, compared to 16% of online viewers.
  • 61% of live online viewers experienced buffering issues.
  • 16% reported playback failure.
  • 51% of participants said they leave live online video after 2 or 3 attempts to stream.
  • 28% leave after a single attempt.

Even though advances in technology and design have come on leaps and bounds in the live online viewing sector, there is still some way to go before online viewing overtakes Pay TV. Overall the survey found that connected TV is the most preferred way to stream, while watching on mobiles the least preferred method.

Stalling and buffering are still major issues in both platforms, and this remains on of the biggest headaches for viewers.

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