12th Apr 2018

As we reach the second quarter of 2018, it is time to take a look at what the industry experts are saying about what they think the key focus points are going to be as the year wears on. At the recent Adobe Summit Conference, one of the most well-attended sessions was ‘Data, Insights and Predictions,’ demonstrating that the industry is eager for information.

Digital privacy and the changing European regulations

Across Europe next month, the introduction of new data privacy rules under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be rolling out, which will change how digital privacy is handled throughout the region. But does this mean that users are not already looking at how to handle their own digital privacy? The answer produces a resounding no, particularly in the younger generation, who are already using innovations and tools to safeguard themselves. Even outside Europe, consumers are making their own inroads, using private browsing, clearing caches and looking at new ways to remain secure.

From a marketing perspective, digital privacy must be at the top of the priority list when marketers are building campaigns and new online experiences, and we expect that digital privacy issues will only increase throughout the coming year.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Some industry professionals think that mass adoption of VR and AR is right around the corner, and its going to be huge. According to recent statistics, 43% of adults have tried a VR headset and 47% have experienced AR on mobile devices. These numbers are thought to be higher in the younger generation and are predicted to rise quickly over the coming year and beyond, with some experts predicting that ‘VR theme parks could be the saviours of [today’s] empty shopping malls.’

What about Pay TV and video streaming?

It is expected that the Pay TV industry will begin to stabilise, according to the experts, as the platform currently has more than a 50% uptake in every age group.

The video streaming industry, on the other hand, is predicted to keep on rising. Video advertising revenues are coming increasingly from product placement, as advertising moves away from traditional commercials. Many professionals agree that product placement is going to increase significantly as consumers are given greater choice via legislative changes in digital privacy.

The industry as a whole is promising to get much more interesting as 2018 wears on, and we have yet to see what the wider-reaching implications of increased data and digital privacy outside of Europe.

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