7th Jun 2018

As the industry continues to evolve, marketers are realising the value and importance of storytelling to strengthen brand focus and create interest and engagement (and ultimately sales). Creating a powerful connection and a meaningful experience for viewers can help to draw and engage potential long-term customers with a loyalty to the brand.

The entire process of storytelling can be a struggle for some businesses, but it doesn’t have to be over-complicated or expensive to engage potential clients.

Here are a few pieces of sage advice from online video marketing professionals:

Read some existing client reviews

This is an interesting tip that can offer valuable insights into who your customers are and what they are feeling about your business. This can often give some good inspiration for storytelling, whether it may be a good thing about a certain product that is mentioned time and time again – it may be worth making a video about the product – examples of its use, highlighting features and so on. Negative reviews can also be extremely useful. Multiple negative reviews may benefit from a short video response – note that negative reviews should be handled with care and diplomacy to be of benefit to strengthening brand focus.

Seek out bloggers to review your products

Industry influencers like vloggers can be invaluable. Encouraging vloggers in your niche to test and produce a video review of your products. Some bloggers and vloggers have significant followings, so to select some in your niche is important for brand focus. Do note, however, that not all reviews may be favourable, but your viewers will appreciate their honesty and assess your response.

Be as authentic as possible

This is an interesting tip, as it highlights the fact that online video marketing does not have to be expensive with professional production and actors.
Take a good look at the workforce of your business and you will likely find a good candidate to represent your brand. The inclusion of an employee or two in your video, or you yourself, can go a long way to creating a connection with your potential and existing customers.

Know your customers and where they are

This is a surprising tip from an online video marketing professional, but makes perfect sense once we look at the implications of familiarity and brand targeting. Look at the platforms you can publish your online video marketing content and take some time to choose the most suitable and those that are most likely to generate an emotional response to your content. Think about age groups, aspect ratios and mobile optimisation, and consider carefully where your customers are going to be looking for your products. Tailor content to suit each platform. Platforms like Facebook are already making changes to enhance engaging content and will give priority to ads that have meaningful interactions.

It is critically important for brands, both large and small, to assume little and attempt much in online video marketing. Planning out a cohesive digital strategy is the first step, and probably the most important of all if businesses are to create successful brand focus.

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