21st Jun 2018

A recent global study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau has revealed some interesting figures about consumer behaviour toward live video streaming.

The study found that globally, 70% of adults watch online video every day via a device such as a computer, a phone, a tablet or a connected TV. There are regional differences, and the highest average viewing figures belong to South Africa with 80% and the Middle East and North Africa region coming in second with 77%.

Some other interesting breakdowns were revealed:

  • Live video – 67% have streamed live content
  • 62% have streamed live video to mobile phones
  • Connected TV has the most live video usage
  • 67% of long-form video viewers do so on a connected TV
  • Mobile phones are more popular for short-form content
  • 51% of people find live video via social media
  • Live video has shorter viewing times
  • 47% stream more live video now than this time last year
  • 44% watch fewer hours of traditional TV, preferring streamed video content

4,200 adults participated in the survey, presented in 21 markets around the world. The 21 markets included Europe, Africa, North and South America, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

All respondents answered the same 29 questions, but there were regional differences in terms of income, brand and channel localisations.

Read the full survey report here.

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