25th Sep 2018

The live streaming industry is constantly evolving and the introduction of new technologies and innovations swift. The opportunities have never been so great, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, where predictions for growth are big news.


This month, there has been a buzz about IBC2018 in Amsterdam, where innovation and product development are typically hot! This year, the IBC Future Zone offered visitors a fresh look at the latest ideas, concept technologies and showcased the various stages of the products development cycle.

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Asia Pacific SVOD predictions

Also in the news this month has been the predicted rise in SVOD in the Asia-Pacific region. According to recent research, the region will have 351 million SVOD customers in the next five years – a huge increase from 2017 figures at 141 million subscribers. Popular western service providers like Netflix, who command a huge portion of subscription video on the west side of the globe, are not expected to perform well in Asia Pacific due to restrictions in foreign business ownership, and instead the region will see the continuing rise of local providers.

With increasing uptake of subscription services, OTT revenues could look pretty healthy in Asia Pacific as predictions suggest they could reach $42 billion in 2023, compared to the $15 billion recorded last year (2017).

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With competition growing in the live streaming sector, attention is being given currently to microservices architectures. Some industry professionals believe that it is here where the key lies to the growth of OTT.

It is becoming clear that there are still industry participants that are finding it hard to move away from the traditional broadcast scenario, and now, with microservices on the rise, some of the biggest ‘names’ in the industry may soon begin to find new, exciting and very different ways to offer redundancy without increasing and investing heavily in infrastructure.

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