17th Oct 2018

Corporate video production is becoming increasingly popular across the boardrooms and offices of the world’s biggest businesses, and it is creeping into every industry sector. Although EVPs have been a significant part of the corporate world for some years, it is now that businesses are truly grasping the concepts and applying them to a different approach to corporate operations.

With live video seminars, meetings, product demonstrations and launches and B2B and company-wide communications being carried out as a matter of day-to-day operations using video, it is easy to see that this is just the beginning for corporate video.

What can we expect to see more of in corporate video?

The future of corporate video is looking bright, and some of the latest innovations stand ready to change the face of business communications of many types over the next few years. There may also be a resurgence of ‘old’ technology in the near future, according to some industry experts, who believe that on-prem EVPs haven’t quite had their day just yet.

Let’s see what’s in store for corporate video…

Video facial recognition as a search tool

Video facial recognition tools could help corporate departments to search for historic video presentations. By searching for content using an image of the speaker, this could help to find other video content, in addition to the particular seminar or meeting.

This could be valuable for seminar attendees to recover a subject and could also be a tool for recovering vital information, such as a budget announcement at a meeting, for example, if notes have been lost or a member of the team needs to find the information quickly.

There is still a fair way to go in terms of facial recognition applications in corporate video. As current video speeds dictate frame recognition, and a video produces up to 60 still images per second, it is clear to see how much information must be processed. When you add the complexities of multi-speaker environments, and intraframe compression, particularly when codecs use differential frames, such as P- or B-frames that only store a partial image, the process of decoding and indexing becomes more time-consuming and data-driven.

Most industry professionals recognise that although there are a small number of solutions that can currently help, such as multiface, multiframe recognition, it will take a simplified vision to enable facial recognition search as a viable solution for day-to-day business operation. According to some, this won’t be far away.

Portable production and video capture solutions

It is expected that portable production and video capture will continue to increase in popularity in the future as more businesses realised the benefits of live streaming corporate events.

Historically, corporate events streaming has been a costly endeavour for even the largest companies facing hire of production and distribution equipment at the very least.

Today’s solutions are catching up and will mean that in the near future, the traditional satellite and production lorries could be a thing of the past. The Streaming Company understands the impact that live streaming can have on corporate events, and the opportunities it offers.

Visit the conferencing and corporate communications page to find out more, and to review our recent case studies.

The future of corporate events could be boundless in opportunities for remote participation, extensive reach and interactivity. Businesses of all sizes could be streaming all types of corporate communications, from board meetings to product launches.

Monetising corporate video

Monetising corporate video has been the hot topic of many industry professionals as an opportunity that is being overlooked by companies all over the world. Some believe that there are ways to tie EVPs with revenue generation, while others debate that these corporate assets are just that and cannot or should not be used to generate revenue.

It is hotly debated, and some experts say that the current upward spiral in the popularity of live video in the conference sector highlights that branded video is going to overtake branded, written content at some point. Using an augmented approach to monetisation could mean that certain EVPs would tie to online ticket sales or future events, for example.

Monetisation is an interesting concept for corporate video, and with further opportunities on the horizon, we will be keeping an eye on this topic as the year wears on.

Using CRM tools and existing video assets for lead generation

Also on the rise, is the idea behind the use of corporate video for lead generation with CRM techniques and tools. This type of approach is going to grow soon, according to many industry professionals, some of whom think that there is still a significant knowledge gap in proving the marketing value in video for lead generation. What will help this push is the value of being able to use and repurpose existing video content to become an outward-facing version of its former self, which could have been a product demonstration or internal sales presentation.

This idea of producing new leads from the current video asset library makes sense, and CRM tools can be easily integrated to deliver greater opportunities from enterprise content.

Expect a resurgence in on-prem EVP solutions

On-prem EVPs have not had their day yet, according to many industry professionals looking at current and historic trending. There is little doubt that on-prem is going to have to evolve somewhat, to deliver improved asset security and local-area network reliability, but some experts believe that the future implications of massive cloud uptake could impact on-prem production and distribution in a big way.

Some stand firm in that On-prem EVPs will always have their place in corporate video. Some think that there will always be companies who want to retain full control in a non-hosted environment, and this will also be influenced by budget.

Forensic watermarking

Video piracy issues are prevalent in the video streaming industry, this is no secret or surprise. It is, however, costing the industry millions each year.

Corporate video, one might think, would not be subject to major or serious video piracy, yet this is a breach that affects almost every sector of the industry.

One solution to aid the fight against video piracy is forensic watermarking, and this looks to be one of the most certain processes that we will expect to find in the future of corporate video. Forensic watermarking does increase latency though, which is currently a sticking point for delivery (at around five additional seconds) and why the biggest benefits will lie in the future, not today in the broadest sense.

How The Streaming Company can help with corporate video

The Streaming Company work closely with our corporate clients to tailor the right video solutions to meet your unique requirements, whether you are live streaming a corporate seminar event with remote participants, conducting a meeting or producing a product demonstration.
Find out more about our work on the Conferences and Corporate Communications page and read our case studies to gain fascinating insights into the possibilities for your corporate video productions.

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