23rd Nov 2018

Ben Kittow, CEO The Streaming Company London, linked up with Mark Laudi CEO Hong Bao Media, Singapore to discuss streaming and the importance of video for corporates in Europe and Across South East Asia.  The interview coincided with Hong Bao Media's launch of their new Studio in the CBD of Singapore which Ben last saw as a building site on his recent trip to Singapore where TSC has its own Asian subsidiary company and streaming platform.  TSC are delighted to work closely with Mark and his team to assist with the more technical aspects of live streaming and conferencing for corporate videos, e-learning and live corporate announcements, where Mark and his team shine by offering first class media training and guidance.

Ben was in the London studio before the start of the normal busy schedule which normally sees 3 recordings or live webinars each day, so doing a breakfast broadcast in London meant that we were able to link up with Singapore towards the end of their working day.  For media training and studio use in Singapore, please contact Hong Bao Media  For all live streaming and studio requirements in London please contact TSC

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