17th Dec 2018

TSC OB department carried out yet another confidential Town Hall event for a FTSE 100 company. Companies increasingly use the Town Hall format to update staff on strategies, highlights, initiatives, new products/services, staff changes, as well as general news.

Key to it is careful control of the video stream which can often contain information which is directed at staff, and not the wider public (and certainly not their competitor’s). Accordingly TSC staff control the encoding and use our own secure platform (CDN) for the private broadcast, keeping content away from non-secure public platforms such as the social media giants.

As part of any live broadcast planning, TSC will listen carefully to the requirements of the client in terms of confidentiality for some, or at the other end of the scale we are more than happy to broadcast on every social media platform (all at once if required) to make a more public splash for those aiming for impact publically.

If you are thinking of planning a live broadcast from your own offices, or even in the middle of a field, just contact our team today and we will be keen to bring our 10 years of experience planning and executing live broadcasts to ensure that it meets your objectives and is a huge success on the day.

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