14th Feb 2019

TSC’s e-learning division made its annual trip to @LearningTechnologiesEvent to keep up to date with latest software and platform developments related to e-learning. This year’s show was bigger than last year with lots of new tech on show.  The issue we face both internally and with our e-learning clients is just how useful new technology is within the ever growing e-learning industry.  We love some of the new tech being shown and will continue to test and examine ways of aiding the learning process via innovative delivery mechanisms and tools which largely make for a far more interactive experience for both trainers and students alike.

All this of course is great but is lost without the sort of solid delivery (streaming) of course materials which is where TSC’s e-learning platform and solutions put us ahead of our peers.  If you need help with the creation, editing or delivery of your course materials or live e-learning events, get in contact with us to find out more, or visit our website



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