6th Aug 2019

No internet, dodgy 4G reception and thunderstorm threat.

Securing a live stream from venues with limited or unreliable internet connectivity is a challenge TSC planners and engineers often face when doing outside broadcasts - the luxury of having fixed, redundant internet connections with different carriers typical of our core installations and studio, is not something we can rely on when we are out and about.  Faced with poor connectivity in a rural location with lots of guests all with data hungry mobile phones, creates a real challenge in terms of making sure the live stream we are responsible for works OK.  

The solution is to reduce risk by spreading the connectivity options.  In the case of last weekends event, we added a satellite back haul to the bonded 4G solution (LiveU in this case) as we knew the cellular connections would be under strain.  We were kept on our guard however as thunderstorms, which can disrupt satellite signals, were looming, although luckily they did not materialise.  The event passed without any interruptions and TSC engineers packed up after yet another successful live broadcast over our own CDN and platform.

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