14th Jan 2020

TSC has added a new automated feature to its e-learning platform - an automatic transcription service to create searchable words and terms within its e-learning platform.  Key users of the platform include Europe's largest publisher supplying e-learning materials for legal and accountancy students and practitioners as part of their continuing ng professional development. 

Existing auto-transcribing services has proven to be innacurate - something viewers of TV with live captioning will attest to - it can be amusing or painful to see when accuracy is 97% accurate, but 3% way off being a true representation of what is being said.  For the broadcaster this can be embarassing and undermine the best efforts to maintain high broadcast quality.


Recent advances in AI has enabled TSC to identify and now add a transcription module to its e-learning platform.  Transcribed content is processed immediately after the end of a live webinar, and the full text, along with a timeline to highlight the text being spoken, is made available minutes after tyhe end of the live broadcast.  Archive material can also be transcribed.   The key benefits of transcription, can be increased navigability - viewers can skip to where a word, phrase or term is used, text for the hard or hearing, and perhaps the biggest nugget of all - video meta data and search terms to increase visibility and searchability of webinar content via search engines and web sites.


To learn more about AI and our E-Learning platform, please contact us with your requiremnents - we run hundreds of webinars every year and even run a dedicated studio, so we have a ton of experience at your potential disposal.

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