15th Jun 2021

More medical live streams


The TSC Outside Broadcast team are now busy dealing with a variety of hybrid events where our production team grab suitable live feeds, mix with pre-recordings and then push to viewers at home or in the workplace.


Our latest medical live stream required the team to capture live procedures as presented by the Surgeon, mixed with live images from equipment in the theatre as well as some pre-recorded material and stream this live with interactive inbound chat to an invited audience.

The production team were able to navigate high quality images from cameras which did not get in the way of the medical staff in theatre.

The  event was a huge success, adding yet another medical event to our outside and virtual webcasts.


Contact us if you want really high quality streaming of your live events, capturing medical device displays, and adding professional broadcasting and vision mixing skills to break away from your Zoom fatigue, and be more professional than your competitors using public platforms.





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