9th Sep 2021

TSC’s outside broadcast unit streamed yet another live product launch of a new Hublot watch.

With a small change to our usual corporate environments and venues, we were excited to be at a very edgy, wonderful venue in London. Our role as normal was to receive and handoff the HD quality live stream coming out of a venue (in Paris) with suitable streaming protection/stability as steered by our wonderful production and tech partners in France, so that invited attendees in London were able to see the live launch ceremony of Hublot’s latest special edition watch with DJ Snake in amazing quality and faultless stream stability. Cue amazing production in Paris and a superb limited edition watch and lots of great DJ live mixes all beautifully projected and managed by the AV venue team at the London venue who also do an amazing job of creating bespoke art and branding outside the venue.


If you really want HD and UHD streams to large screens (sometimes up to 90Mbps), for an event, you really need to speak to us, as we have been there and got the T Shirt


TSC is an SRT alliance member and has been focusing upon live streaming with high quality and almost zero latency since 2008 for businesses globally.







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