2nd Feb 2022


Big cats uncaged – Members Virtual AGM


Yet another virtual AGM, this time for a much loved British car brand’s enthusiasts club AGM.  TSC were delighted to add yet another managed and professionally produced high quality and secure AGM to its long list of virtual meetings.

Great content covering pre-recorded events, was professionally mixed along with PowerPoint slides, images and live real time video of all remote presenters. Real time interaction using our secure events platform allowed members to vote securely on AGM resolutions and pose questions to the board from all over the world.

Next step, given the resumption of venue based meet-ups, is moving into hybrid mode when it is possible for many to meet at a venue face-to-face, whilst at the same time allowing those not able to attend due to distance and time pressures etc, to follow the all-important board meeting elements and ask questions remotely.


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