14th Oct 2022

The missing audience

Great that venues are now well attended and the hugely beneficial networking, brainstorming and socialising is back at face- to-face events, after such a torrid time.  The challenge though is to address not just those who can attend a venue, but those who cannot.

The two main routes to solve this issue are:


Go hybrid

This is the best scenario for many, as it means that remote viewers (who cannot attend the venue), can not only view elements of the programme, but if done properly, can also participate and interact and have all interaction recorded and monitored.  Do not forget that remote viewers will dip in and dip out and not watch people having coffee in breaks…   

This requires structure and some adaptation of how an event is run – a fly on the all live stream is all very well but somewhat limits the remote viewer to a less valued member of the audience. With care and control, remote viewers (and speakers if relevant) can be included, interact and give valuable additional benefits to the whole event.

Record and archive

Not everyone has the time to attend or even watch a live stream of an event as it is taking place, but making a recording of core topics, speakers and general issues raised for later consumption is vital – this can be controlled by registration/authentication, and snippets can be used as teasers in social Media to help promote the event for the next time.


Need help adapting to the new way of maximising (not cannibalising) venue based events?  Give us a shout as we will be happy to talk you through the options and give advice where needed

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