27th Jan 2023

Looking after big cats (Virtual AGM)


Another virtual AGM for this club of big cat owners all dedicated to keeping their own and other Jaguars (classic and modern) on the road. Unlike a track day and meet (which the club organises many) where the whole idea is attending in your car, an AGM does not need a physical presence as it can be handled perfectly well on TSC’s virtual (or hybrid) events platform.

Avoiding the cost of hiring a venue but covering the statutory AGM resolutions, Director elections (polling) and stream of live questions to Directors is dealt with by TSC’s operators and the platform with full moderation and virtual green room.

Best of all, the audience of virtual AGMs is always higher than in-venue ones and in this case, members from many countries around the world participated in, and enjoyed hearing from club Directors making this yet another highly engaging event which ticks the green boxes and saves money.







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