5th Jul 2023

Virtually too far?


Live corporate events tread a difficult path these days:  most are back in venue, some are fully on line/virtual and some have mixed the best of both worlds.  A recent virtual only AGM by one of the UK’s top PLC retailers created a lot of noise and even a campaign group set up against it to demand greater shareholder interaction recently.


TSC has been doing live investor relations events for over 15 years and has seen significant change over that period. We fully understand that many venue based event organisers have a deep fear of allowing online attendees as it could suppress selling or filling seats at the selected venue, but our experience suggests that this is normally unfounded.  In a similar way, being only virtual (and heaven forbid not allow interaction) will equally alienate a section of your audience.

TSC recognises two very distinct groups of event attendees:

  1. Those who can’t wait to go to a venue to listen to and interact with core speakers and also enjoy the social/networking aspect of in-venue events
  2. Those who do not have the time or inclination to travel to a city centre, and are content with dipping in and out of a live event targeting specific speakers/topics of interest within a full day’s programme.


So welcome to hybrid – the way to maximise your total audience and appease both types of event attendee



Contact us to lean on our experience to help you get the most out of your next event, increase interactivity/engagement and raise production standards.







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