Conferences & Corporate

Most corporate events have traditionally involved hiring a hotel/venue and preaching to a captive audience with a lovely video being produced a few days later to record what went on.

Adding live streaming can dramatically add value to the event by allowing remote viewers to follow what is going on, and may encourage them to participate interactively as well.

TSC can help you plan the event to include remote contributors, and vastly increase the reach and impact of your product launch, AGM, investor relations event, year end results or other corporate event.

Case Studies

Huawei – corporate communications

A gathering of Key Huawei staff members in a prestigious London Landmark, with invited guest speakers to cover brand, challenges, services, Market conditions and strategies for 2018

The guest panel were streamed live using TSC vision mixer, 3 camera inputs, sound desk with speaker and audience Mics

Streams were sent to core Huawei offices across Europe, Africa, and some Asian participants. The building meeting room is normally a restaurant so we had no comms and had to use Bonded 4G for the live stream back haul.

Skills set:

  • Production: 3 Cameras, 2 Ops
  • Vision mixing desk and operator
  • Sound engineer, desk and mics
  • Encoding
  • 4G bonded cellular uplink
  • Stable streaming for 4 hours

European Banking Authority

We worked alongside the appointed production company and booked most suitable TV broadcast contribution mechanism being via mobile wireless (COFDM) to get the live transmission to BT Tower, and took our portable encoding unit along.

With careful project management, the important announcement went flawlessly, with viewers able to follow the live and archived highlights on TV, web, mobile and tablet devices - just as we planned.

Skill Tags
  • Full 4 camera live broadcast
  • Live Global TV contribution feed for news stations
  • Live stream to PCs/Macs
  • Live streams to iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and Android devices
  • Archive of highlights

Mo Ibrahim

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is ranked third place in Global Think Tank's list of Top 30 Transparency and Good Governance Think Tanks For good reason – it is an effective and highly communicative body.

A small but significant part in the process is the digital broadcasting output in which TSC played a part by streaming the important London conference and a live announcement to web and mobile devices globally.  Live contribution came from Doha, Johannesburg and Nairobi, with the main broadcast venue based in the London Major’s offices overlooking the Thames river.

Live broadcasts were in both English and French and we streamed to our own CDN to global viewers on the internet and mobile devices.

Skill Tags
  • Bilingual live web streaming
  • Satellite uplink of broadcast feed to platform
  • Close Integration with Production team
  • Use if TSC CDN for global streaming
  • Careful project management with complex live broadcast in 4 global locations