Ultra Low Latency

For some audiences, low latency streaming is not just a nice-to-have, it is a must.  Latency is the term we use to determine the delay between the live event as it is happening, compared to when the video or audio appears on the device you are using. 

Key audiences who can benefit from our low latency specialist service are:

  • Gambling and gaming users – get news before the odds change
  • Financial organisations – getting the up to the second breaking news can mean being ahead of the markets
  • News organisations – breaking news first
  • Live Broadcasters – reducing the delay of a live event when viewed across multiple devices
  • Auctions - no point in being too late!

TSC owns its own encoders and scalable low latency streaming platform based in a cluster of fibre linked Teir-4 datacentres, so our biggest challenges are with things outside our control – the local networks end users are connected to, and the mobile device they are using.


TSC has invested extensively in its own platform and low latency techniques and is delighted to announce a further development in our continual quest to reduce streaming delays.  The Low Latency app is available for iOS mobile devices (iPad and iPhones specifically) where native factory settings are particularly vulnerable to delay due to the default buffering built into iPhones and iPads to ensure quality of video/audio at the expense of latency.

For further information about our App, as well as ways in which TSC can help you join its many thousands of low latency users, please contact our sales department today.  Based upon case studies and proven experience, we will be able to analyse your current or intended streaming service and identify ways in which we can optimise the service utilising our cutting edge techniques.