Live events take a lot of planning, so it's a shame to restrict audiences to those able to attend the venue. Broadcasting on line can help increase total audience size, include remote speakers across the globe, and generally help captivate your audience.  Linking Tim Peake in the International Space Station to over 200,000 school children was we admit different, and the normal live coverage of an AGM, show or conference should be easier, but we take the same amount of care and planning to make sure it is a huge success for all involved.


Town Hall Event

The Streaming Company have proudly helped produce Town Hall events (and large conferences) for many clients, helping with all their AV needs including projections, comfort monitors, audio mixing multiple mics, capturing the event on video and of course live streaming to other offices around the world. We will help support you easing any technical burden or complex jargon, enabling you to choose more


We pride ourselves about being a global streaming provider, but this event for Times Educational Supplement involved linking Tim Peake in the International Space Station, with over 200,000 school children (and a few excited adults too…) We streamed a live mix of the satellite downlink from the Space Station, (via Houston as it happens) with Kevin Fong’s excellent steering on a more


BetGenius approached us to help stream a live webcast to all of its global offices.  The group underwent a rebrand and has seen impressive growth over the last few years.  It therefore planned an update from its management team to help communicate the growth story and strategy to all employees. Based in London’s Southbank Studios, TSC Liaised with the event manager and then more


Staff canteen blew away the normal format of cooking shows by organising 16 chefs to do demonstrations at a trade show to encourage new chefs into the trade. Not just any chefs but actually 16 chefs with a total of 24 Michelin stars – we love James Martin and will miss him but that many top chefs in one event?  What an achievement! All chefs were brilliant (not just cooking demos) more