Ultra-low latency

For some audiences, low latency streaming is not just a nice-to-have, it is a must.  Latency is the term we use to determine the delay between the live event as it is happening, compared to when the video or audio appears on the device you are using. 

Key audiences who can benefit from our low latency specialist service are:

  • Gambling and gaming users – get news before the odds change
  • Financial organisations – getting the up to the second breaking news can mean being ahead of the markets
  • News organisations – breaking news first
  • Live Broadcasters – reducing the delay of a live event when viewed across multiple devices
  • Auctions – don’t miss the final bids warning

So what are the real benefits of having a broadcast which is really live across all devices and not delayed?

Device clash

It removes the frustration of seeing or hearing the action when viewed on a mobile phone for example when compared to the TV, or a desktop device. Delay/latency can lead to viewer dissatisfaction and subscriber churn of OTT services

Improved gaming and eSports experience

Gaming and eSports rely entirely upon quick reactions – latency puts you at a distinct disadvantage


Any latency and you run the risk of your bid being received after the lot has closed 

Improving communication and two-way conversation

It is possible to easily interact with a live two-way broadcast when there is no delay but untrained participants (unlike journalists used to satellite delay for example) will struggle to have a fluent conversation when there is a delay or more than a few seconds

Offer better quality of service and experience

If your live broadcast service is delivered with less delay/latency to that of your competitors, you will gain a distinct advantage which might mean charging a premium, allowing you to grab market share from other providers, and perhaps see your churn rate reduce – all of which means you have a financial advantage