Medical Broadcasting Solutions

Whether you’re looking to produce the ultimate ultra low latency video stream direct from the operating theatre, on demand videos for training, eLearning, or creating interactive product demonstrations, we have experts and experience to help organisations both large and small. We can create solutions for a range of budgets and events, including:

  • Live Surgical Broadcasting
  • Surgical Presentations
  • Product Demonstrations & Training
  • Panel Discussions
  • Patient Education
  • Public Webcasts
  • Point to point broadcasting (e.g. theatre to auditorium)
  • Branded Video Channels

Become a Leader in Your Field

  • Engage your targeted audience of doctors, surgeons, patients, students or general medical staff.
    Create video content that is highly relevant, highly specialised, informative and engaging.
  • Influence the adoption of medical devices
    Show high quality product demonstrations in real life applications to drive a higher rate of adoption
  • Elevate your organisations authority
    Boost your brand or medical facility and become the go-to place for real-time cutting edge medical procedures, learning and innovation

Our Broadcasting Solutions Features

We invest heavily in our own technology to offer you state of the art video streaming and a host of options to allow you to deliver exactly what your audience wants.

  • Ultra-low latency Live Streaming (minimal delay)
  • HD quality
  • Include output from medical equipment such as X-rays, scanners, microscopes etc
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • 360/VR Videos
  • Editing



Medical showreel

TSC is revolutionising live medical training marketing, by leveraging its core skills:  Ultra high quality video, with Ultra low ltency live streaming. Aside from insightful observations and operational procedures from key medical staff, TSC are often able to extract high quality imagery from modern medical apliances such as X-Rays, Scanners, Microscopes etc, to obtain crystal clear, more

College of Phlebology International Veins Meeting

Event 3 day symposium for medical professionals Event overview The event held over 3 days was designed to showcase modern procedures and medical equipment as used by surgeons. Live operations were streamed from a private theatre to a remote auditorium with assembled guests and speakers from the medical world.  Surgeons performing operations guided the viewers through procedures and more

NHS NeuroSAFE Pathology

Event Prostate checked for stage 2 cancer whilst patient waits in open theatre for results. During an operation to remove a cancerous prostate, the prostate is taken for analysis to see if the cancer has spread further into the walls.  The patient lays next-door in open theatre awaiting results.  Video footage from monitors and the surgeons working in theatre are live streamed to more

Ipsen update

TSC partner Hong Bao Media co-ordinated this online medical conference designed to promote latest research and advice in relation to Diarrhea.  Expertly produced by HBM invooving a range of remote speakers, TSC was proud to have streamed the event on its platform to viewers across South East Asia more