3 day symposium for medical professionals

Event overview

The event held over 3 days was designed to showcase modern procedures and medical equipment as used by surgeons. Live operations were streamed from a private theatre to a remote auditorium with assembled guests and speakers from the medical world.  Surgeons performing operations guided the viewers through procedures and a moderator in the auditorium fed back questions live to the surgeon making this a truly interactive experience.

TSC were asked to set up all production and live streaming from the theatre (a lead lined environment!) and obtain HD images in real time from elected medical equipment such as X-Ray, Microscope and CT Scan.

A multicam set up using discrete stands and brackets so as not to interfere with the operation and maintain patient confidentiality was planned and executed alongside theatre staff.

Skill tags

  • Multicam HD camera set up
  • “Madonna style” ear piece and mic for operating surgeons
  • Remote camera control from outside theatre (PTZ)
  • Vision mixing with lower thirds and product promotion
  • Live low latency encoding
  • 2 way comms for interactive audio feedback
  • Live link to Auditorium in remote location
  • Push HD stream to large screen in Auditorium
  • Send back auditorium audio from moderator to operating surgeon in theatre (real time)