TSC Monitoring station is designed to proactively monitor all our own CDN, network, and all streaming channels and services.

Having built our own monitoring centre,  we are now able based upon experience to offer monitoring, alert and support services to other companies who may want their own services, or those of contracted content partners, monitored.  Services handled by TSC's own CDN as well as remote services using deployed probes allow us to look for service interuptions, outages or out of band quality performance, so that alerts and even engineering support can be deployed to rectify or alert third party content creators.

TSC’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors its own CDN, websites and live services for its own clients and is now extending its managed services to support external Broadcasters, OTT/IPTV platforms, Networks, service providers, IoT providers and streaming companies who require managed NOC services.

Live Monitoring Services                                               

•    Video stream monitoring
•    Radio stream monitoring
•    Satellite broadcast monitoring
•    IP/Network monitoring
•    IoT monitoring
•    Error Logging
•    Alerts + Alarms
•    Engineering services

Why do you need NOC services?

Ensuring stream stability and quality are vital in the fight to attract and retain viewers and specifically subscribers.  Live streaming has to be monitored across all elements of the broadcast chain, from venue, backhaul, platform and web performance. Early identification of what might be causing buffering, jitter, macroblocking etc is only possible by close monitoring and alerts.
Managed NOC services not only monitor all elements of your service, but with agreed levels of monitoring and alerts, problems can be diagnosed, and actioned to maintain maximum uptime.  

Formats Covered

Video Formats Radio Formats
Transport Stream (TS) over UDP Mp3
TS or packetized elementary streams over RTP AAC
HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) Dolby AC3
RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)  
RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)  
MMS (Mutlimedia Messaging Service)  
Smooth Streaming  
Multicast IGMP  
H.264, H.265, VC-1, AVS  

What we monitor

•    Media bandwidth analysis
•    Media delivery index (MDI) analysis, including Delay Factor (DF) and Media Loss Rate (MLR) measurements
•    Support MPEG-2 and H.264 video compression standards
•    Support MP3, AAC, AAC+, AC3 audio encoding standards
•    Analysis on transport stream standard compliance
•    PID bandwidth utilization monitoring
•    PCR clock analysis
•    Elementary stream buffer analysis
•    Real-time PSI/SI table decoding and analysis
•    EPG decoding and display
•    Black and frozen frame monitoring
•    Audio loudness monitoring

Core NOC features

•    High-bandwidth monitoring capability due to 10GBps redundant connectivity and excellent peering
•    Emergency back-up power
•    Comprehensive analysis on both TS and IP layers
•    Supporting multiple TV standards, including MPEG, DVB and ATSC
•    Supporting IP data unicast and multicast
•    Network monitoring