HD Sports and Gaming Streaming with Virtually No Delay

TSC has been streaming live sports for over 10 years and the key to really successful live sports streaming remains the same – high quality and ultra-low latency (minimal delay).

The Challenges of Streaming Live Sports and Gaming Events

TSC is highly experienced in this field, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, we understand the core challenges of streaming live sporting and gaming events.

Professional Video Stream Production

A professional production team who understand and can even anticipate sporting action is essential. The cameras used for the event, and their operators can make or break the quality of the end result. 

Highest Quality On-Site Video Encoding

Optimised encoding at the venue will ensure there is no blurring, buffering, artifacting, jitter etc. Encoding has such an important influence on the end quality of the stream, that we make no apologies for spending a lot of effort and experience on it. TSC possess a wide array of encoders all configured and driven or monitored by our experienced staff (and for 24/7 channels connected to our monitoring and alerts platform).

Optimising the Video Transmission

Securing the backhaul of the event back to the streaming platform takes the right planning and specialist technical knowledge. We can work with bonded 4G, satellite or, if available, fibre from the venue.

Streaming to Any Device

The Streaming Company prides itself in streaming to a wide range of devices with differing operating systems. Whether you need to stream to the web, mobile devices, apps or large digital screens we offer optimised streaming for specific end-user devices.

Monitoring & Management – From Start to End

Relax knowing the end to end streaming delivery is being fully monitored by our engineers. Having built our own monitoring centre, we are now able based upon experience to offer monitoring, alert and support services to other companies who may want their own services, or those of contracted content partners, monitored. 

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

We understand the value in understanding your broadcasts’ performance. We offer detailed live and post-event reporting to allow full analysis of viewing trends and any interactivity, allowing you to track ROI and optimise future events. 


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