1st Jun 2020Self Isolation Choir

After weeks of lock down practices led by the wonderful Ben England, TSC was proud to broadcast The Self isolation Choir and Baroque Orchestra's performance of Handel's Messiah. An event which started in the Westcountry of the UK, gather p... Read more >

2nd Apr 2020Virtual Auctions and events

Virtual Auctions – keeping scheduled events going   TSC’s techs pulled out the stops to cope with the effects of the pandemic last week, by swiftly moving an auction of an international Auctioneer from its normal venue due to l... Read more >

30th Mar 2020Virtualising Studio and workflows

Being locked out of the studio theratended to disrup our e-learning side, so we had to think and act quickly before lock down, and are now getting back to a new normal to help our e-learning clinets maintain their published events and library of ... Read more >

17th Mar 2020Virtualising live events due to COVID-19

We are working hard with clients and event partners to react to the cancellation of event gatherings.  There are a number of options ranging from us handling all aspects of a live stream remotely (all speakers join by video conference and we mix... Read more >

26th Jan 2020Space Walk live

The fourth space walk (EVA) to continue the repairs to the Mass Spectrometer attached to the International Space Station (ISS), was carried out on Saturday 25th and TSC was again proud to downlink the sigbnal and push the live sttream for avid follow... Read more >

14th Jan 2020AI drives transcrption of videos

TSC has added a new automated feature to its e-learning platform - an automatic transcription service to create searchable words and terms within its e-learning platform.  Key users of the platform include Europe's largest publisher supplyin... Read more >

14th Jan 2020product support update

Live from a corporate headquarters based on London, TSC's outside Broadcast team filmed, vision mixed and streamed a product update to bring users of well known software service up to speed with latest product changes.  Key elements of the b... Read more >

15th Nov 2019European Streaming Media Publishing

TSC is once again recognised as a leading company in the European Streaming Media sector.     Having been around since 2008, It’s not just our early efforts to help raise awareness of live streaming (many people at th... Read more >

18th Sep 2019IBC 2019 wrap-up

It’s a wrap – another year of new products and services,  meeting existing and future clients and suppliers, and coming away with a few new bits of tech to evaluate in our constant quest to keep looking forwards.   As a man... Read more >

11th Sep 2019IBC 2019 Conference and Exhibition for Global Media

Getting ready for the broadcast invasion of Amsterdam… It's September and the yearly get together in Amsterdam of the broadcast industry is upon us as usual at IBC 2019. Recent years have seen the huge rise in modern IP and cloud... Read more >