11th Dec 2018TSC Studio - Year-end e-learning and New Year planning

TSC Studio – Year-end, e-learning and New Year planning  The studio seems to get busier and busier each year as we run up the festivities and prepare for the New Year.  Aside from doing the last webinars of the season for Tax and L... Read more >

23rd Nov 2018Live studio link to Singapore

Ben Kittow, CEO The Streaming Company London, linked up with Mark Laudi CEO Hong Bao Media, Singapore to discuss streaming and the importance of video for corporates in Europe and Across South East Asia.  The interview coincided with Hong Ba... Read more >

7th Nov 2018Sigma 2018 Malta

TSC are off to see existing and new clients at https://sigma.com.mt/events/sigma/  to showcase its Ultra Low Latency managed streaming solutions for B2C and B2B end use cases. Leveraging its highly stable and fine-tuned CDN, TSC ar... Read more >

31st Oct 2018Video Broadcasting - Whats Hot This Month?

It’s been a busy month, this month, in the video streaming industry, and for The Streaming Company as we prepare for the Sports Streaming Summit in November. Let’s look at what’s been hot this month… European Matters ... Read more >

22nd Oct 2018Discussing Live Stream Monitoring: how important is it for your business?

Live Stream Monitoring works across all elements of broadcasting chains from the front of the camera to the performance of content across the web. It is important to ensure stream stability and quality for businesses that wish to attract, engage and ... Read more >

17th Oct 2018Where Does The Future of Corporate Video Lie?

Corporate video production is becoming increasingly popular across the boardrooms and offices of the world’s biggest businesses, and it is creeping into every industry sector. Although EVPs have been a significant part of the corporate world fo... Read more >

10th Oct 2018Measuring the Success of Video Broadcasting

Video broadcasting is big business all over the world, and it is continually evolving. As more and more sectors of the business world begin to take more notice of video as a valuable marketing tool, it begs the question – what are the best meth... Read more >

1st Oct 2018European PoPs

TSC’s platform expansion continues with a further European PoP based in Poland fully connected to all others PoPs in TSC’s owned platform.  This further extends the capacity and reach of its streaming as well as managed cloud ser... Read more >

28th Sep 2018What Could a No-Deal Brexit Spell for Media and Creative Technologies

There is much ado around the UK and Europe at the moment surrounding the possibility that the UK may face a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit exit from the EU. In the media and creative technologies sector, it is already widely assumed that Brexit will in... Read more >

28th Sep 2018CloudExpo Asia 2018

TSC will again be attending CloudExpo this October in Singapore to address the burgeoning demand for cloud services across Asia.  With its own managed cloud platform fully supported by a central NOC, TSC is able to offer highly secure, ultra low... Read more >