12th Oct 20214K 12G

TSC has added to our 4K capabilities with additional 4K decoders, necessary 12G SDI cables and 4K screens.  The quality of UHD is superb, but requires beefier kit (a technical expression) in order to stably decode and stream 4K content. Of ... Read more >

8th Jan 2021Gone in a Flash

It might seem odd to report that we continue to serve Flash streams from our streaming platform to some of our clients 2 years after Adobe announced it would no longer be supported. Well here we are - it will no longer have any security updates, and ... Read more >

30th Mar 2020Virtualising Studio and workflows

Being locked out of the studio theratended to disrup our e-learning side, so we had to think and act quickly before lock down, and are now getting back to a new normal to help our e-learning clinets maintain their published events and library of ... Read more >

14th Jan 2020AI drives transcrption of videos

TSC has added a new automated feature to its e-learning platform - an automatic transcription service to create searchable words and terms within its e-learning platform.  Key users of the platform include Europe's largest publisher supplyin... Read more >

6th Sep 2018Top 5 Unusual Uses for Streaming Video

The world of streaming video is growing fast and is becoming commonplace in households and on mobile devices all around the world. People typically consume video for a wide range of reasons, ranging from entertainment to day-to-day business use, but ... Read more >

3rd May 2018Low Latency: What does it mean for your video streaming?

Low latency means different things to different users with different requirements. Interpretation of what low latency really is also varies significantly over a wide spectrum. According to some experts, low latency can be achieved at anything between... Read more >

24th Apr 2018Survey Votes FFmpeg First in the Top 20 Streaming Technologies of the Last Two Decades

In a recent industry survey, where respondents were asked to rate from around 30 technologies the top 20 of the past 20 years, the winner of the bunch, with a clear majority (of 100%!) was FFmpeg, a cross-platform answer to record, convert and st... Read more >

10th Feb 2018Understanding IP-Centric Solutions – Design, Infrastructure and Cost

To fully leverage the benefits of implementing IP-Centric solutions, a fast-growing sector for production and broadcasting, there are considerations to make at an infrastructural level, making in-depth understanding from engineering management a ... Read more >

28th Dec 2017Video Quality Measurement Tools - How to Choose Them and Use Them

The biggest video streaming platforms like YouTube are looking at 400 hours of uploaded video content every minute. Netflix, although seemingly low comparatively at 1000 hours during 2017, still needs to make its encoding of streams seamlessly ef... Read more >

14th Jul 2017Android TV for Operators – A Platform Worth Watching

In a world where online video streaming via mobile is on the up-and-up, and both manufacturers and developers are responding to the popularity surge by bringing mobile devices in line, with larger screens and faster streaming capability, the news fro... Read more >

7th Jul 2017How the Smart Use of Second-Party Data Can Create Higher Value

Today, content producers are beginning to put a lot more consideration into personalisation, tailoring searches according to the data it holds and has access to concerning users and viewers. When personalisation processes are deployed, relevancy come... Read more >


Some of the largest operators, such as Nokia, Intel and Ericsson, have lately been extolling the virtues of the approaching fifth-gen cell network – 5G – as a game-changer in the industry. Experts have been saying all the right things ... Read more >

7th Jun 2017The Future of Cloud-Based Video Streaming Success

It is no secret that for some time, video traffic has risen almost off-the-scale. Back in 2016, Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index predicted that by 2020, 82% of all online traffic may well be video. It is clear, as we all know that video is a... Read more >

1st Jun 2017Why Nothing Can Stop MPEG-DASH

Over the last year, MPEG-DASH has been busy, quietly (and rapidly) growing in Europe, and this is down to several reasons, not least because of the push that DASH is receiving from the broadcasting industry in terms of the basis for the International... Read more >

14th May 2017Facebook to Launch Apple, Amazon Fire and Samsung TV Apps

It has been announced that Facebook will soon (no date yet confirmed) launch new apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung TV, confirming a recent news report that hinted at the creation of connected TV applications, and TV-viewer-targeted progra... Read more >

24th Apr 2017TSC joins the SRT Alliance

TSC are long time technology partners with Wowza and have been engaged with Haivision for many months so it is only to be expected that we have joined the SRT aliance in our ongoing quest to offer even more ultra low latency services to our clients ... Read more >

12th Mar 2017Cisco Find Mobile Data Traffic Will be 78% Video by 2021

The Mobile Visual Networking Index 2017, released by Cisco, has found that by 2021, 78% of worldwide mobile data traffic will be made up of video, compared to 60% in 2016. The report compared global figures to show accelerated growth in the past 1... Read more >

30th Dec 2016CDN Upgrade phase complete

As the year ends, we reflect upon the significant upgrade to our ultra low latency CDN which is now powered by the latest Wowza engine on all our origins and streamers.  We have also developed our reporting suite significantly to deliver real ti... Read more >

12th Sep 2016IBC

Another year, another trip to IBC to catch up on new innovations, supliers and new customers.  Its always a delight to show our ultra low latency live streaming capabilities to those who remain stuck with conventional CDNs who quite litterally l... Read more >

6th May 2016CDN roll out

TSC's ultra low latency Content Delivery Network (CDN) is rolled out to another datacntre with dark fibre connectivity to its sister locations. All part of the platform improve network resilience and increase scale of our unique platform.   ... Read more >

20th Apr 2016Astrape is lightening fast

TSC is pleased to confirm the roll out of our new iOS app Astrape - now in use by the UK's largest bookie who uniquely now offers live video streams via iPhone and iPad at under 2 seconds latency thanks to our revolutionary app  ... Read more >

1st Dec 2015Datacentre and platform roll out

TSC connects up a second Datacentre and starts gearing up to big roll outs of its infastructure and distribution platform as part of its growth steategy based upon its unique ultra low latency services.  More to follow in early 2016! ... Read more >

16th Oct 2013HD mobile encoding units

As part of an on going investment plan, TSC has now upgraded its HD portable encoding units, meaning that we are able to deal with virtualy any video format presented to us when we are at a miriad of live locations.  Produ... Read more >

27th Feb 2013BB OS10 welcome

Testing for video delivery on Blackberry's latest O/S is now complete and we are happy to be able to stream live video to the new models just released by BB. In the face of a hammering market share wise from iOS and Droid phones, our B2B clien... Read more >

22nd Nov 2012TSC Platform upgraded to Wowza 3.5

TSC's growing streaming platform which allows broadcasting to a masive array of internet and mobile connected devices, has now been upgraded to the latest version of Wowza meaning that closed captioning, advanced http delivery and transco... Read more >

9th May 2012TSC now has its own ASN

As part of our strategic platform development and independence TSC has now acquired its own ASN and range of IP addresses for its growing platform. ... Read more >

16th Apr 2012Studio goes tapeless

The studio TSC runs in the centre of legal heartland in London, has now gone tapeless with on site and offsite digital storage and back ups deployed. ... Read more >

18th Jan 2012Platform upgrades

TSC announces the next phase of investment in its streaming platform, with an expansion of its CDN and live streaming capacity being rolled out during 2012.  ... Read more >

2nd Nov 2011Digital Display

Enhanced viewing of a panel session in the London HQ of EBA, allowed easy access to core statistics and displays to all attendees in the main meeting room thanks to use of multiple large LCDs and an audio system provided for a 2 d... Read more >

11th Mar 2011Mobile e-learning service launched

The mobile version of the popular subscription service of Lexiswebinars which are produced and streamed by TSC, are now available for live and VoD learning on Blackberrys, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. After significant testing,... Read more >

22nd Feb 2011Mobile web site

A mobile web site for m-learning (learning leveraging mobile devices) is launched for a client and offers optimsed service for the differing formats across iPhone, iPad, Android, and most challenging of all Blackberry.   ... Read more >

3rd Feb 2011Mobile streaming

The launch of the iPhone (and iPad) Horse racing commentaries is designed to reach the increasing audience wanting information delieverd to their phones. Roll out to Android and Blackberry devices has already been prepared. ... Read more >

21st Jul 2010Stress Test - Live broadcast

  TV and internet live broadcast announcing the health survey of European Banks by European Central Bank and CEBS from Tower 42 London... Read more >

14th Jun 2010IPTV Channel web streaming installation

  TSC Configure streaming servers for 12 IPTV Channels for live web broadcasts... Read more >

26th May 2010Mobile streaming services extended

  Continuing development of mobile services for Sport, Corporates and e-learning continue... Read more >