15th Nov 2019European Streaming Media Publishing

TSC is once again recognised as a leading company in the European Streaming Media sector.     Having been around since 2008, It’s not just our early efforts to help raise awareness of live streaming (many people at th... Read more >

26th Feb 2019Pro Hair Live trade show

Pro Hair Live trade show in Manchester this weekend with an innovative stand made out of a container - upcycled, well designed, self-contained and altogether striking and unique stand where we live steamed throughout the event to show off stunning tr... Read more >

31st Oct 2018Video Broadcasting - Whats Hot This Month?

It’s been a busy month, this month, in the video streaming industry, and for The Streaming Company as we prepare for the Sports Streaming Summit in November. Let’s look at what’s been hot this month… European Matters ... Read more >

22nd Oct 2018Discussing Live Stream Monitoring: how important is it for your business?

Live Stream Monitoring works across all elements of broadcasting chains from the front of the camera to the performance of content across the web. It is important to ensure stream stability and quality for businesses that wish to attract, engage and ... Read more >

17th Oct 2018Where Does The Future of Corporate Video Lie?

Corporate video production is becoming increasingly popular across the boardrooms and offices of the world’s biggest businesses, and it is creeping into every industry sector. Although EVPs have been a significant part of the corporate world fo... Read more >

10th Oct 2018Measuring the Success of Video Broadcasting

Video broadcasting is big business all over the world, and it is continually evolving. As more and more sectors of the business world begin to take more notice of video as a valuable marketing tool, it begs the question – what are the best meth... Read more >

28th Sep 2018What Could a No-Deal Brexit Spell for Media and Creative Technologies

There is much ado around the UK and Europe at the moment surrounding the possibility that the UK may face a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit exit from the EU. In the media and creative technologies sector, it is already widely assumed that Brexit will in... Read more >

25th Sep 2018Live Streaming: What's Been the Hot Topics This Month?

The live streaming industry is constantly evolving and the introduction of new technologies and innovations swift. The opportunities have never been so great, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, where predictions for growth are big news. IBC2... Read more >

6th Sep 2018Top 5 Unusual Uses for Streaming Video

The world of streaming video is growing fast and is becoming commonplace in households and on mobile devices all around the world. People typically consume video for a wide range of reasons, ranging from entertainment to day-to-day business use, but ... Read more >

31st Jul 2018Industry Report Shows Digital Spending in Advertising Rises Over Broadcast

A recently-released, half-yearly report gives us some interesting insights into the changing habits of the viewing public, and how advertisers are clearly realising and reacting to these changes in their sector. According to the report by Matrix S... Read more >

23rd Jul 2018How to Get IT On Board with Enterprise Video

Conversations with IT departments all over the world, although not as difficult as they used to be 10 years ago, are still awkward to have when it comes to talking about video. Enterprise video has been a heavy and hard subject to bring up historical... Read more >

15th Jul 2018New Research Shows Further Decline in Live Linear TV

According to a recent study, conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, television viewers are watching less live linear TV, preferring online video as their first choice. Data was gathered from 1,933 broadband-connected consumers who watch at lea... Read more >

30th Jun 2018Is Google Ready to Enter the Gaming Console Industry?

Google is hitting the streaming headlines again this week as a gaming website announced that Google was planning the release of a new games console to rival Xbox and the Playstation 5. There are, as to be expected, very few details and much sp... Read more >

21st Jun 2018Global Study of Consumer Behaviour Toward Live Video Streaming

A recent global study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau has revealed some interesting figures about consumer behaviour toward live video streaming. The study found that globally, 70% of adults watch online video every day via a d... Read more >

14th Jun 2018Latest Forecast Estimates 10% Annual Growth of OTT Over Five Years

Over the past five years or so, there has been enormous growth in the online video marketing sector. The big platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Facebook have seen the biggest increases, but across many others are also finding greater and grow... Read more >

7th Jun 2018Why Storytelling is Important for Brand Focus in Online Video Marketing

As the industry continues to evolve, marketers are realising the value and importance of storytelling to strengthen brand focus and create interest and engagement (and ultimately sales). Creating a powerful connection and a meaningful experience ... Read more >

24th May 2018The Current State of Programmatic Advertising in 2018

According to the report - AdEx Benchmark 2016 – released late last year, programmatic advertising continued successful growth with an €8.1 billion share of the European markets. This represents a growth of almost 43% from 2015’s ... Read more >

17th May 2018Video Advertising Industry Priorities for 2018

With digital video advertising continuing to rise in terms of reach, this powerful medium is still facing cross-media measurement and metrics challenges, which is keeping this focus at the top of the priority list for the rest of 2018 (and likely... Read more >

10th May 2018Improving Video Pre-Production: 5 Top Tips

Regardless of how experienced you may be in professional video, there are always a few tips to be gleaned from the experts. One of the areas of your video project that you may least be looking forward to is perhaps one of the least creative of all st... Read more >

3rd May 2018Low Latency: What does it mean for your video streaming?

Low latency means different things to different users with different requirements. Interpretation of what low latency really is also varies significantly over a wide spectrum. According to some experts, low latency can be achieved at anything between... Read more >

26th Apr 2018Survey Votes FFmpeg First in the Top 20 Streaming Technologies of the Last Two Decades

In a recent industry survey, where respondents were asked to rate from around 30 technologies the top 20 of the past 20 years, the winner of the bunch, with a clear majority (of 100%!) was FFmpeg, a cross-platform answer to record, convert and st... Read more >

19th Apr 2018EU-Imposed Content Quota: What This Means for OTT Services

An agreement, which is still in the preliminary stages, between the European Parliament, Council and Commissions will determine that a quota will be applied to subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services, and may also lead to new regulations imposit... Read more >

12th Apr 2018What 2018 Will Bring to VR, AR, TV and Video and the Reality of Digital Privacy

As we reach the second quarter of 2018, it is time to take a look at what the industry experts are saying about what they think the key focus points are going to be as the year wears on. At the recent Adobe Summit Conference, one of the most well... Read more >

5th Apr 2018Survey Highlights Video Start Time Important to Streaming Viewers

Streaming viewers have revealed that video start time is a crucial factor in how they rate a streaming service. In a recent survey by Akamai, who quizzed more than 300 online video streaming managers based in the US. The results showed that 76% pl... Read more >

26th Mar 2018Survey Reveals Quality and Delivery Gaps Between Online Viewing and Pay TV

Although it appears that viewers watching online are generally pleased with the viewing quality, there are still significant differences when compared to Pay TV, according to a recent article in Streaming Media, discussing a Ring Digital survey. L... Read more >

19th Mar 2018Apple Plans First Television Project for Streaming

Apple announced at the end of last year that it was planning to use part of its billion-dollar original programming budget to plan its first television project for streaming. This news came as a breath of fresh air to many industry professionals, who... Read more >

12th Mar 2018How Video Streams are Helping Farmers and Agriculture Businesses

It may come as a surprise to learn that video streams are playing a part in the business of farming and agriculture, and not just of pretty countryside views either. Drone technology is an area that is becoming increasingly popular within the farm... Read more >

5th Mar 2018Machine Learning and AI Solving OTT Challenges and Improving Video Quality

In a recent article from Streaming Media Global, we saw how artificial intelligence and machine learning are solving OTT challenges and improving video quality in ways that are proving revolutionary. Some interesting statistics were discussed, rel... Read more >

27th Feb 2018Streaming Live 360° Video – Facing the Creative Challenges

The introduction of live 360° video has given viewers a real immersive experience for events, sports and conferences, offering a unique perspective that has really taken off in terms of popularity. Content publishers have been given a new platfor... Read more >

19th Feb 2018Video Ads Show Drop in Click-Through Rates at the End of 2017

According to the Video Benchmark Report from Extreme Reach towards the end of last year, Click-Through Rates (CTRs) had dropped across the board, and this is leading experts to think that the ‘novelty of video ads has worn off’. Let&rs... Read more >

10th Feb 2018Understanding IP-Centric Solutions – Design, Infrastructure and Cost

To fully leverage the benefits of implementing IP-Centric solutions, a fast-growing sector for production and broadcasting, there are considerations to make at an infrastructural level, making in-depth understanding from engineering management a crit... Read more >

5th Feb 2018Still Time to Register for OTT Streaming Forum at ExCel London

There’s still time for you to register for next week’s Streaming Forum at London’s ExCel Centre at the heart of the Docklands. Building Smarter OTT Services promises to be a lively, not-to-be-missed event, and according to Conferenc... Read more >

22nd Jan 2018Will You Be Joining Us at The Streaming Forum Next Month

One of the industry’s premier events is almost upon us – The Streaming Forum 2018. This years’ event promises to be a real humdinger of an opportunity for industry professionals to network at London’s ExCel venue at the recept... Read more >

15th Jan 2018Key Data Protection Issues Raised Again Over Drone Operation

With GDPR just around the corner, there have been concerns over drone operation raised again across the UK. Many industry experts believe that it is only a matter of time before a drone operator appears in Court, due to the implications of key data p... Read more >

8th Jan 2018The Streaming Forum to Focus on AI and Machine Learning in 2018

This year’s Streaming Forum will have a strong focus on AI and machine learning, according to a recent article. Amazon’s Echo showcase caused a stir at the Las Vegas CES, with a huge, Echo-speaker-shaped meeting room in C Space, the &l... Read more >

28th Dec 2017Video Quality Measurement Tools – How to Choose Them and Use Them

The biggest video streaming platforms like YouTube are looking at 400 hours of uploaded video content every minute. Netflix, although seemingly low comparatively at 1000 hours during 2017, still needs to make its encoding of streams seamlessly effici... Read more >

18th Dec 2017Online Video Spend for US Businesses Predicted to Reach $135 Billion

A recent industry study has revealed that the total US online video spend for 2017 is likely to reach a ‘meteoric’ $135 billion. Interestingly, the report suggests that much of this revenue is being generated by smaller businesses with... Read more >

11th Dec 2017Live Sports Video Streaming Study Shows Just Half Using TV Apps

A recent study conducted by Adobe Primetime and The Diffusion Group has highlighted some interesting findings about how popular live sports video streaming is, what events are being streamed, and how fans are watching their favourite events. It ap... Read more >

4th Dec 2017Interoperable Master Format (IMF) – The Benefits and Limitations

Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is promising to be a universal distribution format that could significantly decrease the file versions that are needed by video publishers all over the world to deliver the end product to the viewer. This news has le... Read more >

27th Nov 2017Five Trends for Success of Global Video Marketing According to Parks

According to a recent white paper released by Parks Associates, leading market intelligence researchers, there are five trends that have been identified that are set to ‘shape the long-term success’ of the global video market. Across t... Read more >

20th Nov 2017Shaping the Future of Online Video Ads with Connected TV and AI

According to industry professionals, the biggest changes are happening in Connected TV (CTV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, and those changes are going to shape the future of online video advertising. In a recent couple of panel discu... Read more >

6th Nov 2017The Changing and Growing Threat of Cyber Security

Cyber security issues within the video streaming industry are often centred on network protection to keep systems secure and data safe from hackers. It is, however, becoming a widespread concern in today’s industry that hackers are behaving mor... Read more >

6th Nov 2017$52 Billion Losses by 2022 Predicted in Streaming Piracy Study

According to Digital TV Research, a London-based company that produces global media development reports for clients, worldwide revenue lost to streaming piracy could reach almost $52 billion by 2022. These figures reflect how lost revenue grew from $... Read more >

30th Oct 2017Industry Experts Emphasise a Strong Push for Mobile for Broadcasters

One of the most important messages to come out of the recent IBC event was the reiteration of the critical need for broadcasters and content creators to embrace mobile for both video production and viewing. Industry experts are making the push for mo... Read more >

23rd Oct 2017Adblockers – How Video Advertisers Can Still Reach Target Markets

According to advertising analytics company, PageFair, the use of adblockers has grown by 30% since 2016, and some kind of ad-blocking process is being used by 615 million devices across Asia, Europe and the US. Other interesting discoveries have also... Read more >

9th Oct 2017Keeping Up with Networking Technologies for Broadcast CTOs

In the broadcasting marketplace, which as we know is intensely competitive, it is growing increasingly important for broadcasters to keep on top of the biggest tech themes and changes. According to IBC, the most important are the latest networking... Read more >

2nd Oct 2017HDR – Its Importance in the Broadcasting Environment

We recently read about HDR on the IBC website, which looked at its importance in the broadcasting environment, and at the difference it can make to the industry and to consumers. What is HDR? HDR is the accepted abbreviation for High Dynamic Ra... Read more >

25th Sep 2017Streaming Media West 2017 Live Streaming Summit

One of the hottest industry buzz events this year is almost upon us – Streaming Media West 2017. Over two days, November 2-3, 2017, the Live Streaming Summit will be packed with opportunities to discover the latest technologies and strategies n... Read more >

18th Sep 2017IBC 2017 Conference and Exhibition for Global Media

The IBC 2017 conference and exhibition, hosted at Amsterdam’s prestigious RAI conference centre, promises global media, entertainment and technology professionals the chance to discuss and debate today’s industry challenges, and delivers ... Read more >

11th Sep 2017The Key to Online Video Success in the Branded Fashion Industry

Recent online video marketing research and analysis of the branded fashion industry shows us that the production and engagement of videos is a constantly-changing marketplace. It also highlights the importance of analysis of data to allow brands to a... Read more >

4th Sep 2017Live Video Streaming Engagement up by 300%

According to a recent data release, figures show that the recent boom in live video is continuing, with live video streaming up by more than 300% compared to on-demand viewing. The data also reveals that 67% of live video is being watched after the e... Read more >

28th Aug 2017Immersive Video Streams Could Break the Internet by 2021

According to recently-published research by Juniper Research, use of Virtual Reality (VR) headset could grow so rapidly over the next four years that it could reach 3 billion hours of 4K streaming. The research suggests that the sector could inc... Read more >

21st Aug 2017A Look at Video Monetisation – How and Where to Make Money from Online Video

There are three main ways that companies can approach video monetisation today – via social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, using syndication methods and also on their own sites. Most organisations will employ a range of these approach... Read more >

14th Aug 2017FCC Introduces New Captioning Rules for Online Video Broadcast

The beginning of July marked a change in captioning requirements introduced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which covers online video broadcast for live, near-live and pre-recorded video. The new rules state that video clips broadc... Read more >

7th Aug 2017Video Streaming Time to Shoot Up for Mobile Viewers

A dramatic increase in mobile device usage for viewing online video has led to a globally-predicted increase in viewing time of 35% for this year alone. According to Zenith, media buying agency offering insights and intelligence into digital trend... Read more >

1st Aug 2017U.S. Online Video Advertising Market to Hit $27.2 Billion

It has been predicted that the increases in the online video advertising market in the U.S. alone this year could reach $27.2 billion, according to Zenith. In addition, estimated growth could reach $38.7 billion by 2019. Currently, desktop and TV ... Read more >

21st Jul 2017BBC Warns About Development and Audience Issues in VR

Former current affairs producer, and now editorial lead for BBC Research and Development (BBC R&D), Zillah Watson, has spoken out about VR and its issues, on the subject of whether 360° video is really the ‘gateway to VR’ that a l... Read more >

1st Jul 2017Google Preferred Suffers 5% Advertiser Losses in Adpocalypse

Despite the predictions that YouTube would suffer significant losses in what has become popularly known as the Adpocalypse, a recent study has revealed that the top-tier ad inventory, Google Preferred, has slowed by just 5%. Earlier this year, You... Read more >

14th Jun 2017Social Platforms Delivering More Successful Digital Video Marketing Campaigns than Video Platforms

The results of a study, entitled ‘The Future of Digital Video’ has revealed that more than two-thirds of marketers believe they have more success with digital video marketing campaigns on social platforms than on dedicated video ones, suc... Read more >

1st May 2017Live Video – Maximising Engagement and Revenue

There is little doubt that live content streaming is gaining weight online and is fast-becoming embedded into our modern social, online lives, whether we are streaming sports events, concerts or watching a selfie-style news bulletin. Businesses ar... Read more >

1st Apr 2017News - Greater Opportunities for Targeted Video Advertising

At the end of last month, the FCC’s tough data privacy rulings made last year under the Obama presidency, were overturned, which could lead to an increase in aggressive pushing of video streaming in order to produce greater opportunities for ta... Read more >

1st Apr 2017Mobile Video Streaming Increase Could Fuel Global Data Usage

Recent research by giffgaff, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator owned by Telefonica, has revealed insights into increased mobile video streaming that has led to startling predictions for the next five years or so of global data usage. What will g... Read more >

1st Apr 2017YouTube Exploiting the Value Gap in Music Streaming Industry

Last week the UK music industry announced that its artists earned less from YouTube pay-outs in 2016 than they did from vinyl sales, which received a boost from the late, great David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The BPI revealed figures t... Read more >

1st Apr 2017Apple Video Streaming Looking to the Future of TV Amid Speculation

One of the most interesting companies, and one of the biggest, Apple are again in the spotlight as we discuss Apple video streaming, and the future of TV viewing. Many industry experts are seemingly baffled by the lack of progress by Apple in the ... Read more >