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1st Jun 2017Apple Video Streaming Looking to the Future of TV Amid Speculation

One of the most interesting companies, and one of the biggest, Apple are again in the spotlight as we discuss Apple video streaming, and the future of TV viewing. Many industry experts are seemingly baffled by the lack of progress by Apple in the ... Read more >

26th May 2017YouTube Exploiting the Value Gap According to the UK Music Industry

Last week the UK music industry announced that its artists earned less from YouTube pay-outs in 2016 than they did from vinyl sales, which received a boost from the late, great David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The BPI revealed figures t... Read more >

19th May 2017Mobile Video Streaming Increase Could Fuel Global Data Usage by 720% Over the Next Five Years

Recent research by giffgaff, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator owned by Telefonica, has revealed insights into increased mobile video streaming that has led to startling predictions for the next five years or so of global data usage. What will g... Read more >

12th May 2017ISPs Better Positioned for Targeted Advertising Under New Data Privacy Rules

At the end of last month, the FCC’s tough data privacy rulings made last year under the Obama presidency, were overturned, which could lead to an increase in aggressive pushing of video streaming in order to produce greater opportunities for ta... Read more >

15th Mar 2017Live Video Maximising Engagement and Revenue

There is little doubt that live content streaming is gaining weight online and is fast-becoming embedded into our modern social, online lives, whether we are streaming sports events, concerts or watching a selfie-style news bulletin. Businesses ar... Read more >